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OCO studio creates unique seamless designs where building elements have clear definitions, applying clean crisp timeless architecture no matter what style or site. We always consider the clients goals along the journey, listening, taking the time to really understand the brief. We help and assist in developing a brief when client’s are unsure. Aesthetically we will give you a design you will love.



Planning is by far the most important first step in any project. We consider the access to the site, vehicular and pedestrian, and ensure this is located correctly...


Design is everything. Without a good design that responds to your brief and that is aesthetically/ proportionally correct, then regardless of how much time, money and effort that...


At OCO we can help guide you to the best consultants specific to your particular project, from surveyors to engineers, draughts people and planners as required. We offer...


About OCO

Dan O’Connor

Dan O’Connor is the key designer of OCO Studios. He has over 30 years industry experience working along side some of New Zealand’s best architects, designers, stylists and artists. OCO was established over 25 years ago and has produced an enormous variety of designs across New Zealand, from traditional arts n crafts country grand manor homes to some of our cities most contemporary homes.

Design philosophy

At OCO we believe simplicity is key to achieve good design regardless of the particular style of architecture. Balance and the ability to ensure elements are strong but separate underpin our clean crisp timeless designs.


The creativity behind OCO Design

OCO designs are always one-off bespoke designs. We provide unique designs specifically for our clients. We listen to our clients and offer relevant design ideas based on the types of designs they like. At OCO we constantly research design and architecture from across the world. Design is everything.

Our Projects